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Kins Traveler is a licensed and registered tour operator under the Tourism Council of Bhutan, the highest apex body for tourism industry in Bhutan. Kins Traveler is founded by a group of travel enthusiastic and professionals to give unique experience to travelers wishing to discover the mystical Kingdom of Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragon. With well-established infrastructure and a team consisting of all local professionals, we are committed to providing the top quality tour services in Bhutan. We specialize in tailor-made, independent and group tours of Bhutan focusing the unique culture and pristine natural beauty of Bhutan. We have well thought out and specially crafted standard tour packages and also offer tailor-made tours of Bhutan to our clients.

Bhutan is one of the most sought after travel destination in Asia. Located on the eastern Himalayas landlocked between Tibet on the north, India on the south and Sikkim on the west, Bhutan is bestowed with pristine natural beauty, rich flora and fauna and well preserved unique culture.

Bhutan’s history is riddled with mythical mysteries of daemons and wandering spirits surrounding the mountains that haunted the nomads and migrants for generations. History dates back to 7th century when a great lama from Tibet, King Songtsen Gembo came to Bhutan and started taming the evil spirits by building a legion of sacred temples and monasteries all around the mountains. Several other great lamas and saints followed him fighting evil spirits in the Himalayas leaving behind legends of sacred monasteries and temples with mysterious stories. Slowly civilization started and Bhutan came to an existence as a country.

Ever since Bhutan opened its door to tourism in 1974, travelers who take privilege to travel to this extraordinary Kingdom find themselves awestruck with pristine environment, sacred monasteries sitting precariously on sheer cliffs, fluttering prayer flags lining high mountain ridges, red robed monks chanting in distant temples, colourful masked dancers performing ancient rituals and last but not the least, perhaps the most humble and cheerful Bhutanese people.

We (Kins Traveler) are here to accompany you on your journey through this mystical Kingdom of Bhutan, a destination most consider a privilege to visit. Just contact us and let us help you travel to this enchanted land.


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